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Safe-Stopes Legal abortion clinic in Windhoek. Process termination of pregnancy safe information at hand


If you are considering to have the abortion(termination of pregnancy) you not Alone 

In this Dr. Peter is Suited to provide a good understanding of how this works and what to expect after the process. More details are as below .

Once the the process is done expect a heavy bleeding and also clots will come out in form of blood as everything works out.  

the procedure is as below whereby some are for insertion into the vagina while others you have to take them orally but this depends on how many weeks the the pregnancy is. This vaginal part is usually administered using tampon just to make sure they don't fall out and if you not comfortable for the process to be began here you can use the termination kit from home as Dr. Peter provides one with full instructions. And most women go straight at home with advice on what to do after this consultation. Most abortions once properly done will happen after like 4 to 8 hours 




1. Will it hurt? ...its more less like period pains as everything works out.


2. Is the procedure safe?......Is this Termination process safe to use to your body with no side effects to body or fertility?


3. When can one get back to work?.....Usually next day but depends on one's body but if not Dr.Peter can book you off Work for a few days 


4. How long does it take?.....For this process to happen once the termination kit is used it takes about 4 to 8 hours for the reactions to start or even Bleeding. But to some bodies it might take longer. But if more than 24hrs without bleeding or spotting of blood must wait at least 3days before it can be repeated 


5. How long does one Bleed for?.......... Usually between 1 to 10 days but if longer than that antibiotics can be given to help with the healing process 

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